MAC Personal Training is a boutique studio located just behind Church & Swan Streets in Cremorne. We specialise in all levels of fitness.

0418 229 912 19 Gwynne St, Cremorne VIC 3121 Mon - Fri 5.00 - 20.00, Saturday 8.00 - 12.00
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MACT PT Terms & Conditions

Welcome to MAC Personal Training

I look forward to working with you on the road to achieving your goals. To ensure all of my clients receive the same level of high quality training services and professionalism, the following terms and conditions apply:


If you are unable to attend a training session you must provide me with 24 hours notice. If you are unable to provide me with 24 hours notice then the normal session cost will apply. If I am unable to attend a training session, I will also provide you with 24 hours notice. Failure to do so on my behalf will mean your next training session is FREE.

Late arrival:

Due to my appointment system and number of clients, punctuality is a critical part of my job description. Should you be late for a training session, the session will be adjusted accordingly and still end at the same scheduled time. Should I be late to a training session, your next training session is FREE.


All payments are to be made in full unless otherwise agreed. When purchasing a ‘training block‘ amount, the total amount for that block must be paid prior to your first training session. Payment may be made in cash, credit/debit card or direct bank transfer.

What to bring to your training sessions:

As we are train indoors and outdoors, please bring the following with you:


  • A sufficient amount of water & water bottle
  • Towel
  • Hat (for outdoors training)
  • Sunscreen applied (for outdoors training)
  • It is your responsibility to bring any medical aids you require e.g. asthma inhaler, etc.

Wet Weather:

Should a 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 training session be cancelled or affected by wet weather, you will not be charged. However, this session will be rescheduled at a time that is convenient for both parties.

Health and Fitness:

You must complete the MAC PT Pre-Exercise Questionnaire (including medical information) prior to booking and participating in your first MAC PT session. You undertake to provide MAC PT with true and complete information. If MAC PT is concerned by any of your answers in the questionnaire, MAC PT reserves the right to reject your application and you will not be permitted to participate in a MAC PT session without the written consent of your doctor, medical practitioner or therapist. In the event of any change to your health, or condition that would affect your ability to engage in physical activity, or to any answer provided in the questionnaire, you undertake to inform MAC PT prior to the commencement of a session.

In the event of an emergency or should the need otherwise arise, you give MAC PT permission to contact your nominated emergency contact, medical practitioner or therapist.


You agree that, when present or participating in a MAC PT session, you will be careful, both for yourself and others, and you will comply with the safety regulations and instructions of MAC PT trainers at all times. If exercising in a public space you will observe all local rules, road rules and local laws. If at any time a MAC PT trainer considers that you are jeopardising the safety of others, then you may be asked to leave the session and you will not be entitled to a refund or a credit for that session. MAC PT, at its discretion, may also refuse your participation in future MAC PT sessions.

Acknowledge and Acceptance of Risk:

You acknowledge that participation in physical activity carries with it a risk of injury or damage to personal property and that you voluntarily undertake to participate in a MAC PT session at your own risk. You represent and warrant that you have disclosed to us all information about your medical condition and history that you are aware of that relates to your participation in a MAC PT session. You understand that participation in a MAC PT session may involve exercise or activity that you should not undertake if you suffer from any medical condition or have a preexisting injury.

You understand that if you are in doubt as to your fitness to carry out physical activity, it is your responsibility to first obtain medical advice or clearance from your doctor, medical practitioner or therapist.

Changes to Terms and Conditions:

MAC PT reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without notice. Once a customer has successfully registered as a client by accepting the Terms and Conditions the responsibility is upon themselves to maintain an awareness of the current Terms and Conditions of MAC PT. To enable this, the Terms and Conditions will constantly be available from the MAC PT website.


Please read these terms and conditions carefully. If you have any questions regarding their content, please seek independent advice, or alternatively you can call MAC PT on 0418 229 912. You must accept and agree to these terms and conditions before your booking can be confirmed.

Failure to do so will result in you not being able to participate in MAC PT sessions.